Chapter 2: The States & Cities

Chapter 1 was all about the American people.  The excrement of this planet Earth and how they form groups by either nature or nurture to destroy the land they live in.

What could be possibly worse than human excrement?  Piles and piles of human excrement.  AKA American cities.

Cities are known for having certain groups of people who cause certain problems for not only people outside of their group but the entire world and resistance as we know it.

American cities are simply many of the 58 reasons to hate America.

Reasons to hate American States & Cities Include


San Francisco

New York City

Los Angeles


21 responses to “Chapter 2: The States & Cities

  1. Wow… what is the definition of vauge gerneralization? What point are you making, mate?

  2. Michael Chad Moron

    The point is America is a Shit Hole and you’re living in it’s cousin, Austria Mate, Goto Hell Douchebag!

  3. before you post more hateful things about anything and everything, please go back to elementary school and learn how to correctly write in english. my god, it’s like i’m attempting to read a 4-year-old’s finger-painting. i could wipe my ass with your english and it still wouldn’t be worse than it already is!

  4. Eric, if you are too stupid to understand what this idiot is typing, you are the moron.

    You’re probably a hooked nosed Jew with the last name Silverstein you fag.

  5. The United States is, and always has been, the world’s crap people who fled tyrannical governments and were either not wanted or not welcome elsewhere. Seriously attacking the obvious with the roiling fervor of your rants makes you look like a moron.

    Let’s pick the worst of the worst of your country and see how it stacks up.

    America is an experiment, and it just happened to dominate the world for a short time.

    Usually, when someone hates something to the extent that they have to start a web blog about it…there may be deeper issues within yourself.

    America’s too easy a target, dude. You didn’t even bring up Atlanta, GA. C’mon.

  6. Ok, why don’t we write a blog about America. How about South Africa? I do not see Police vehicles blowing up outside of Government building’s on a daily basis in America. Do i sense some jealousy? Are you mad that you do not enjoy the freedom that all Americans enjoy? Perhaps it is because we have accomplished the world’s strongest country and we have only been around for 200 years. Is it because America is the financial backbone of the world? Is it because we have the worlds strongest military? Have you even been to America? Or do you just watch TV and judge it from there? Well let me enlighten you – since you hate America so much; get off your PC – because that was developed by the stupid Americans. Get off of the Internet that enables idiots like you to post on stupid websites like this. Write your own operating systems as Windows and Mac were thought up by stupid Americans. Also please throw away your cell phone, Laptop, refrigerator and sit your ass in the dark with no lights or electricity because Americans are so dumb. I’m not sure what country you are from, but just remember that America has got your back even if you hate us.

  7. America is powerful for one reason…and one reason only. We were founded upon the One True God…the only True God…Jesus Christ. When He decides to depart from America, then you can all have your wish. Without His protection, we end up just like you. Until then…Ameria will remain the strongest nation in the world.

  8. Scott, I belive you are a fool; a naive one at that. If you can truly belive that, then I understand why all these people hate America. It’s because of natural (don’t bother claiming God given) resources and an intelligent and good work ethic that has formed the dominant state. Arrogant and ridiculous claims such as yours mean indicate your belief that all other countries are not favoured by your God, directly opposing your religion.

  9. Above comment was me not ‘Scott’.

  10. lol….its funny how so many people who have never been to America, have so much to say about it….anyone ever think America probably doesnt like the other countries?….thats a scary thought isnt it?…dont know bout the rest of you, but I prefer to have them on my side if things get dicey…Id hate to think what things would be like if a country like China was the super-power of the world. how bout the histories of when the English ruled? that was a nasty time itself! its the jealousy of the world towards America that causes the hatred, America has it all and is keeping it all and they dont give 2 shits about the rest of the worlds opinions…..and why should they? the world has not givin them a reason to.

  11. While we point at each other, lets talk about the brown butthole of the usa, Nebraska?

    Please do tell!

    • reasonstohateamerica

      I didn’t know Nebraska was even a state anymore, but I know I would hate it. Why not send me your post and I will gladly add it as one of 58 reasons to hate America.

      • Anti-Stereotype

        Wow! Only proves your complete ignorance! No wonder this blog is absolutely filled with 100% horseshit, and is basically founded on blind hate and bigoted idiocracy… I pity you. If you want the world to be a better place, HATE is not the answer. Getting off your ass and actually DOING something about it, rather than making a blog about hate, hate and more stupid ill-minded hate.

  12. You would hate it? Its kinda stupid for you to hate something that you don’t even know anything about.

  13. Obviously the person who wrote the 58 reasons to hate America just exemplified everything they hate… EVERYTHING YOU WROTE YOU HATE YOU ARE, YOU INCOMPETENT SOLE!!!

    You hate racists, yet you speak condescendingly about Mexican’s, Black People, etc…?

    Your TITLE is an oxymoron, you HATE something, which in-turn hates something…?

    You HATE women in AMERICA, because they have a level of freedom and security, unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, or other third world countries…? OR, is it because they HAVE THEIR OWN CULTURE!!!??????

    Your article clearly addresses the fact that your incompetent, illiterate, and unintelligible… If your going to make a point, make sure it does not contradict what your trying to prove…

    Also, your title stereotypes that all Americans participate in these 58 reasons, is not that stereotyping? Maybe prejudicial?

    If you HATE this country and our PEOPLE why don’t you move somewhere where you would fit in, maybe Communist North Korea? Well… Even they want freedom, I better not stereotype… You may fit in with Kim Jong Il….

    Long story short… Your a retard that needs to go to school.

    America is about equality, opportunity, advancement. If people are self-centered and greedy I’m sure God will frown upon that, and they will have their time before him…

    I can’t believe I just lost minutes on my life reviewing any of the material on this site….

  14. lets, see here, there’s fat chicks in skinny lady’s outfits, god damn bullshit in a bucket of shit covered chicken, samething as fat chicks thinking that there hot like a super models, oh god damn that makes me sick,yeah nothing i love more then a fat chick that will have a heart attack on me when i get laid, its stupid as fucking a hot dumb blond! i hate just about everything about the usa, i live here in the imbread wasteland of kansas, the land of the stolen and the home of the dead braves. heres one just for the fuck of it, white people acting like blacks aka Wiggers, they stole land now there out to steal that too, go figure, somethings never change. Like george carlin said, “The planet is fine, the people are fucked, ” Random points of bullshit for you to ponder. 😉

  15. next time your country needs help of any kind, dont come crying to the US to help if you hate us so much.

  16. Hey whats your address? I am getting this overwhelming urge to take a shit on the hood of your car.. oh wait u probably don’t have one because your a poor piece of shit.

  17. I see why but as of late CHICAGO Included because of obama yep because they are.

    hate on CHICAGO you hate on the regular american, PITTSBURGH AND BOSTON too those are not FAR LEFT AND FAR RIGHT MECCAS those people who think so are STUPID, INSANE AND RACIST THEY ARE THE TEA PARTY they are right on nothing and wrong on everything.


  19. If were so fat, look at megan fox.

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