Chapter 4: The Media

American Media may be the Most Corrupt Entity on this Entire Planet!

Minus the US government of course.

The media gives the unintelligent people in America their viewpoints of the world and it is what shapes them into either a mindless, government controlled puppet or murderous criminal.

Reasons to Hate American Media

The News

The American Dream


American Movies



Prize Fighting

Celebrities & TMZ

Drug Abusers


Digg & Reddit

Myspace & Facebook

People who watch Entourage



15 responses to “Chapter 4: The Media

  1. thank george bush and his fucking jew oil buddies for allowing this shit too happen,they wanted cheap labor so his fucking ceo friends can clean up all the cash

  2. mike moronitard

    Oh look, it’s a little nazi retard. Isn’t that adorable.

  3. hayley williams

    Reasons 2 hate america:
    reason 59—-

    this damn website!
    it is people like you that ruin this country. its not the government or the people. my grandfather grew up on the streets of italy with his baby sister hoping for a new life. while you worry about what zit cream to stick on your ugly ass, he was hiding from mobsters and trying to keep himself and his sister alive. when he came to america, he could get a job and survive. sure, americas not perfect; but its a hell of alot better than iraq or vietnam. id like to see you try to type this racial garbage in the middle of a battlefield or a burning building. when terrorists attacked the wtc, we came together as a country and did all we could to help. in alot of other places, its every man for himself. i find myself lucky to live in a country where i can be christian or jewish or even muslim. i might be made fun of by one or two people out of 100s, but at least i wont be hanged or imprisoned. some of us are racist or cruel; but that doesnt mean we all are.

  4. All you people make me so sick, why not put your time into something productive like the writer of this blog does each and every day instead of bitching about his freeedom of speech right. Freaking Creamsicles

  5. This is BS. The media is directly responsible for the advancement of the world. Besides technology the media is what really makes the world what it is today not a bunch of cro-magnons.

  6. ‘advancement of the world’? are you thick?
    oooh maybe you ment advancement as in seeing a movie stars crotch rather than the thousands of iraqi children being killed for every barrel of oil?

  7. reasonstohateamerica

    I would kill 100 Iraqi children for a free tank of gas.

  8. Don’t know if you did it yet – just a suggestion… do you think you’d add yourself up there with the rest of us? 😉

    any way as long as you’re not a racist or something this has the potential to be a very entertaining blog

  9. reasonstohateamerica

    No but I already added you (see retard above) to the blog.

    Have a nice day yuppy scum!


  11. Obviously the person who wrote the 58 reasons to hate America just exemplified everything they hate… EVERYTHING YOU WROTE YOU HATE YOU ARE, YOU INCOMPETENT SOLE!!!

    You hate racists, yet you speak condescendingly about Mexican’s, Black People, etc…?

    Your TITLE is an oxymoron, you HATE something, which in-turn hates something…?

    You HATE women in AMERICA, because they have a level of freedom and security, unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, or other third world countries…? OR, is it because they HAVE THEIR OWN CULTURE!!!??????

    Your article clearly addresses the fact that your incompetent, illiterate, and unintelligible… If your going to make a point, make sure it does not contradict what your trying to prove…

    Also, your title stereotypes that all Americans participate in these 58 reasons, is not that stereotyping? Maybe prejudicial?

    If you HATE this country and our PEOPLE why don’t you move somewhere where you would fit in, maybe Communist North Korea? Well… Even they want freedom, I better not stereotype… You may fit in with Kim Jong Il….

    Long story short… Your a retard that needs to go to school.

    America is about equality, opportunity, advancement. If people are self-centered and greedy I’m sure God will frown upon that, and they will have their time before him…

    I can’t believe I just lost minutes on my life reviewing any of the material on this site….

  12. I agree with alot of the things that the blogger says, and some i don’t think applies to most americans, but this is the one section that he got almost 100% right.
    Aside from the racism and assumptions that all americans are as shitt he describes(the scary part is that there are people like that), he is almost spot-on.

    I’d like to see this blog updated more.

  13. Ive gotta say, your articles are 100 percent dead on. Im pretty sure most americans today feel the same way….this place is a cesspool now, so sad…

  14. North Korea wins the most corrupt as far as media. America is second.

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