Chapter 5: The Internet

America is the Birthplace of the Internet

After its initial design for government/military use the internet was supposed to become the information superhighway.

What has happened over the years is the internet has become a cyber wasteland stealing the souls of countless Americans.

The internet had the potential to change the world for the better but undoubtedly due to the American people, the internet has become detrimental to people’s health.

A place where children’s minds get warped at a young age.  A place where people’s social lives are reduced to setting up online profiles on their favorite social network or dating site.

Besides all of the problems the internet has caused with each low intelligence American…

The Worst thing about the Internet is it is a Microcosm of America

A place where rich get richer and poor get poorer.  Every day websites are bought and sold for tens and hundreds of millions of dollars from users who receive nothing back other than carpal tunnel, obesity and hemorrhoids for sitting on their asses for extended periods of time.

One day perhaps the Internet will change to what it was meant to be but for now it can only only be one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Reasons to Hate America Brought to you By:


20 responses to “Chapter 5: The Internet

  1. What was it meant to be?

    It evolved directly from the people who used it. The exclusive club of hackers and engineers became the mass populous, and you can surf to a webpage from a cash register if you know how.

    The only thing is…it is still evolving.

    Saying that something sucks because it was commercialized is like saying boats suck because everyone is making them…

    …and YOU still want to cross the water.

  2. Funny, isn’t an opinion such as that an good reason for you to stop polluting it with hate speech?

  3. canada is way better then america cuz we dont need a leader to lead us cuz we are independent !!!

  4. for starters America did NOT ‘invent’ the internet, it was either a British or Sweedish scientest down at CERN in europe…

  5. reasonstohateamerica

    Bollocks! Boody hell, Believe what you want you brainwashed turd.

    America invented this mess and is doing nothing to clean it up except spawn illegitimate bastard children such as yourself.

  6. to resonstohateamerica:

    you are prob a 40 year old gay guy…who sits on his computer all day on this site and you jackoff to it for your only pleasure…i think your a faggot and your not man enough to admit that your countries suck dick and america is supierior to all of the world…so stopping talking shit on your peice of shit website

  7. hey – i hate europe, you wanker – do you know what america really is. America is that massive dumbass kid in you pimary school classes that a small number of smart kids (europeans, australians, canadians, etc) used to bully and intimidate others. But when the bully gets into trouble the smart kids fade away and leave him to suffer alone.
    America is a war machine built by the Western World to do its dirty work. There is nothing superior about you. You think you dominate but in truth you are taking it in the ass from about 20 other countries.
    But as long as your dumbass young men die on battlefields all over the world so I can have cheap resources, I wont complain.

  8. hey, I Hate Europe, one more thing, FUCK YOU,
    just thought I’d add that. Makes more sense to you doesn’t it.

  9. so much hate. that is the reason for all of the pain, war and is the reason why we as americans, europeans, and everyone else will never become one as a whole and is why we are thee exact reason why the pain, suffering will never stop. because no one can love.

  10. Obviously the person who wrote the 58 reasons to hate America just exemplified everything they hate… EVERYTHING YOU WROTE YOU HATE YOU ARE, YOU INCOMPETENT SOLE!!!

    You hate racists, yet you speak condescendingly about Mexican’s, Black People, etc…?

    Your TITLE is an oxymoron, you HATE something, which in-turn hates something…?

    You HATE women in AMERICA, because they have a level of freedom and security, unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, or other third world countries…? OR, is it because they HAVE THEIR OWN CULTURE!!!??????

    Your article clearly addresses the fact that your incompetent, illiterate, and unintelligible… If your going to make a point, make sure it does not contradict what your trying to prove…

    Also, your title stereotypes that all Americans participate in these 58 reasons, is not that stereotyping? Maybe prejudicial?

    If you HATE this country and our PEOPLE why don’t you move somewhere where you would fit in, maybe Communist North Korea? Well… Even they want freedom, I better not stereotype… You may fit in with Kim Jong Il….

    Long story short… Your a retard that needs to go to school.

    America is about equality, opportunity, advancement. If people are self-centered and greedy I’m sure God will frown upon that, and they will have their time before him…

    I can’t believe I just lost minutes on my life reviewing any of the material on this site….

  11. uhh nice little hippie common, we are humans, it is only human nature to be selfish and greedy and THAT is why we will never become one as a whole. Even if we did, nobody would be happy because we like having our own ways of living and judging everybody else, duh? And I agree with pretty much all 58 reasons and I am not only American, but fucking Texan. America will just fall apart or ruin this fucking planet, whichever comes first, you know?

  12. Laugh at yourselves people!

    Well, things like this occur on the internet! :]
    I like that you only observe the stereotypes that are in America.. Because I know otherwise, I kind of find this site hysterical!

  13. Can’t believe all these European elitists. Kind of funny really how you act all high and mighty when I guarantee you haven’t done anything beneficial for your country. You think because you’re a citizen of a european country you’re somehow intellectually superior to every american citizen. What a load of shit.

  14. So after browsing your site, I Have a clear message of the things your hate. It is clear that you have done some (although not very much) research on what you say, so I will try to respect your opinions.

    Just one thing though, it might help me understand where your coming from.

    Is there anything. Any type of people, any nation, any lifestyle that you do like?

    In other words, If someone wanted to be your friend, what would they be like?

  15. I stopped taking this blog seriously when I noticed this blog was “brought to you by”

    • reasonstohateamerica

      What do old homosexuals offend you? You’re a hypocrite piece shit, racist inbred pedophile, get a life fag.

  16. All of you whom hate on this guy for hating on America are just retarded. I mean, really? Who in their right mind, joins alliance with Russia and develops an “Information-Superhighway”… of bullshit.

    Basically, the Internet, is a web of contagious contaminated shit, mostly, and if not fully used for the sole purpose of many different tasks, I myself use it to find interesting websites (Such as this one) and also, use it to download Books to read, or buy albums online. However, I don’t depend on the internet. I don’t live on the damn thing. Hell, if I had my way, I would have the internet run at a set time… Like a TV Show. Get on it at four, do what you have to do and be off by six. Simple.

    Also, the Governments (And companies) who are running this whole scam of a “Superhighway…” should consider wiping clean EVERY piece of useless shit available to us. Like Wikipedia, which we all know is publicly changeable and therefore dumb ass university students who are told to revise a specific topic have no clue what they’re doing, end up copying and pasting the whole fucking page into a word document and printing it.

    And to the idiotic fucking negroid at the top of the comment section… What do you call that? English? You cannot even spell “Because” or even string together a worthy sentence. It’s people like you, who put a bad name to the English language. Not only could a country be so fucking illiterate, but also so fucking brainwashed and self-centred that they so confidently believe they come up with the fucking English language and renamed it to “American” give me a break. Douchebags.

    You want to know one major point I will make, that you all know I am right on? America, is a fucking stupid country, it’s full of morons & I can personally provide MANY documentations of idiotic moments to which your people have provided us intelligent people with such laughter and numerous retarded quotes… Half of America didn’t even know what money we use in the U.K! Do you know WHY that is? Because you’re government doesn’t care, and because they don’t care, you don’t. Us British are intelligent (Most, not all… Cough… Chavs… Cough) We know a lot of facts about many different things… Want to know WHY that is? It’s called an Education. Now you wouldn’t know what that was would you? Fucking delinquent fuck-tards.

    So cut the shit, America is completely bollocks, and serves no purpose to the world, other than destroying their own fucking buildings with two airliners, and blaming a country which isn’t even capable of wiping it’s own arse after a nice shiny shit. Work that out… Fucking idiots. You want to know why the rest of the world hates ALL of you? Because you’re so… Fucking… Stupid.


    Fat cunts.

  17. Hmm, well there is a lot of bullshit on the internet. It’s a great resource though. Depending on one’s viewpoints, they could say your blog is in either one of those categories. Perhaps both. 😉

    I still like it though. Carry on.

  18. Heaven Only Knows

    The Internet was invented in the United States during the late 1950s to the 1970s by a group of researchers and scientists at the newly formed Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) after the former Soviet Union launched Sputnik. Realizing that the United States had suffered a great technological blow by allowing the USSR to hold the first successful satellite launch, ARPA set out to create a brand new technology unlike anything that had ever been done before; and the Internet was the result of their hard work. so the internet was created in the USA

  19. Omfg omfg omfg….this website, and the people leaving their opinio on it count towards that aswell, is the most hatred filled place I’ve ever seen in my life…let me think about this for a moment…yes, it is..

    I cannot believe it…one guy said “mankind cannot be one” which is false, because we are already one. The fact that most people will never get this doesn’t matter. We are one.

    And for the stupidity: This , aswell, reaches a climax. I may give some of the people some advice by saying: Stop worrying about conspiracy theories…US governemnt flying own planes into their towers and shit…I mean come on, stop reading Dan Brown it obviously doesn’t do you that well…

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