Sales People

salesman are annoying mofos

salesman are annoying mofos

“Buy my Worthless Shit to Make Me Undeserving Money”

Regardless of the American business you deal with on a regular basis you will have to deal with sales people.

The purpose of sales people is obvious.   Large and small companies alike know that the American people on average are about as stupid as retards trying to spell the word retard.

So what they do, is find the most obnoxious, annoying assholes to pitch their products to 1.  everybody who does not need them, and 2. people who hate salesman and 3. Everyone who doesn’t need them again, and 4.  People who hate salesman again.

The Point is, People who want to Buy a Good or Service Aren’t Influenced by Salesman

The way America works is annoying ex-frat boys who want to make money for being themsleves (arrogant, narrowminded, pushy assholes) get a job trying to get idiots to buy shit they don’t need.

When you go into a store the salesman obviously don’t give a rat’s ass about you.  What they do, is sell, sell, sell and when you don’t buy they find someone else and sell sell sell.

What’s Worse than going to a Store and Dealing with Sales People ?

Try living with one, conversing with one or being married to one.  It is like coming your hair with a nail covered 2×4.  These annoying sons of bitches talk talk talk about what?  Sales sales sales.

Just writing about sales people is enough to make a blogger want to jump off of the Empire State Building and the final words are simply Sales People:  one of 58 Reasons to Hate America.


People who Watch Entourage


Americans are Douchebags

So naturally when a show about a douchebag, starring a bunch of douchebags comes out, every douchebag in the nation will tune in to watch some douchbaggery.

What is even worse than a show with a bunch of douchebags about nothing but douchebaggery is that every douchebag who watches the douchebaggery will try to explain the entire episode to you even you’re not a douchebag.

People who watch the show have major problems which usually includes not having a clue.

The shoe is pointless and every episode is the same which gets the idiotic American addicted.

The writer of this blog actually feels like a douchebag for even bringing up this douchebaggery.

Sorry this couldnt be a longer post but this blog writer obviously doesn’t watch the most pathetic and idiotic mess of a TV show ever created so we will leave it at the fact that not just Entourage, but People who watch Entourage are one of 58 reasons to Hate America.

Presidential Inaugurations

Nice Prayer for a Guy w/ Curtains on his Minivan

Nice Prayer for a Guy w/ Curtains on his Minivan

One thing Jumped out at the Presidential Inauguration of Hussein Obama

While some people out of the 2 million who attended or the millions and billions who watched  around the world were tuned in to watch the great Hussein Obama speak it was this fat pedophile who stole the spotlight.

Looking like a man who drives a minivan with curtains covering the windows or an ice cream truck this fat pedophile bowed his head and started uttering nonsense for 20 minutes.

Watching this and the millions of people in attendance must have shocked most of the world.

The great Hussein Obama had to take a back seat, (hopefully not in the curtain covered minivan) to this man who showed just how stupid Americans are.  Most people believe in this science fiction uttered by a pedophile just equals one of 58 reasons to hate America.




Yelp:  Where Boring Losers Review Things so they don’t Feel like such a Boring Loser

Yelp is a retarded website in which idiots and morons try to influence the opinions of other idiots and morons.

Any sensible person would laugh at the idiotic system of rating restaurants, services and other stuff but the morons flock to these to look at corrupt ratings and banter which is straight out of a special olympics coach’s mouth.

Like most online websites, especially ones with user generated content i.e. all social networks, review sites, and blogs yelp reviews have zero credibility and the people on the site are the yuppy scum and overall pieces of human excrement who should dig a hole and bury themselves in it after they fill it with their own feces.
Yelp Sucks and is one of 58 reasons to hate america.


Perfect Job for any Crack Smoking Pedophile

Perfect Job for any Crack Smoking Pedophile

Christmas is another Disgrace for America

America is a terrible place for many reasons but no time of year tells it more than Christmas time.

If it itsn’t a poor black temporary worker getting trampled to death by a herd of overzealous and overweight white trash, it is rich folks buying their undeserved wretched kids gifts they don’t deserve so they can show them off to the poor kids.

Christmas was originally supposed to be in honor of Jesus but godless, mindless American idiots have changed it to a disgrace much like the rest of the country.

Much like typical American debauchery Christmas has no meaning and it disgraces anyone who believes in any form of organized fiction or religion as some call it.

Christmas is another one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Shoe Throwing Terrorists: SPECIAL IRAQI EDITION

The War in Iraq may be a Success After all

After millions of dead with an unjust war in Iraq the terrorists who inhabit the disgusting wasteland formerly known as the gaden of Eden, American values are finally rubbing off on Iraqis.

Years removed from the rule of the great Sadam Husein who kept the terrorists and barbarian inhabitants of the diseased vagina of the Earth Iraq in check, the degenerate people now think it is okay to hurl shoes at the greatest leader on the face of the planet.

This Journalist Jabroni throws a shoe and the people of Iraq and America are too stupid to realize that the people who look like a fool in this is the Iraqi people who would be better off vaporized by a hydrogen bomb than be citizens of the wonderful planet Earth.

Bush should be applauded for casually avoiding the embred’s pathetic projectiles and laughing it off like only a dimwitted Texan could do.  Bush’s approval rate for running, or more correctly, ruining this country is so low, but the approval rating for turning Iraq into a country of ungrateful barbarians must be a success.

The shoe throwing terrorist should be executed but isn’t it ironic that in Bush’s home state of Texas, he would be more likely to get fried than in the land of lawless barbarian imbreds.

Show Throwing Terrorists:  Special addition to 58 Reasons to Hate America and American Values.


low intelligence poor personal hygiene Americans

low intelligence poor personal hygiene Americans

As Much as Everyone Else Hates You, you should Hate Yourself Even More

You are an American scumbag. Everything which is causing the planet Earth’s demise is at your fingertips and you do nothing to stop it.

All you care about is yourself and the satisfaction of your lustful desires from eating greasy food, to abusing painkillers to faking workers comp. to get money for plastic surgery.

Your intelligence is somewhere in between a chimp and a doorknob. Your lack of common sense makes you struggle with simple daily activities such as exercise and personal heigine.

You have bad breath, B.O., crooked teeth, ugly hair, and fat overflowing all around your body. You disgust everyone around you who usually do not speak their mind of how pathetic and disgusting you are but even you should know this by looking in a mirror.

You are irresponsible and other people despise being around you. You are a racist who tries to conceal the fact by being an anti-racist. If you don’t hate yourself you are in denial that you actually have a place on this Earth.

You have a sheltered, closed-minded point of view which stems from your belief in God or Jesus which was passed down from your low inteligence mother or father.

You are the type of idiot who reads blogs on the internet and writes internet troll responses because they make you feel better about being such a loser.  You are too stupid to realize that almost 100% of media is simply trying to make money off of you.

You are a hypocrite who watches violent and/or controversial movies and television shoes and then criticizes a blog on the internet which is simply a source of entertainment.

You make people all over the world sick and you are one of the 301,139,947 people in the United States which makes up one of 58 Reasons to Hate America.