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Apple Macintosh

Taking over the World, 1 Yuppie Scum at a Time

Typical Yuppie Scum Mac Consumers

Typical Yuppie Scum Mac Consumers

America is the birthplace of Apple Macintosh.  This horrible creation was spawned by the master extortion artist himself, Steve Jobs.  Other than the statistically proven 90% of the rest of the world which is ran by the upper .01% of Jewish bankers Apple Macintosh is ran by a criminal with a devious mind.

The company also known as Mac is one of the most harmful entities to enter the retail world since homosexual fashion designers decided to put their name on products and sell them for several thousand times more than what they are actually worth.

Mac Products are Specifically Designed to Divide

The primary purpose of the existence of Mac products is to divide the population to the point where people who have a Mac iPod, iPad, iMac, or iPhone are upper class and the people that don’t are lower class.  The domino effect creates a worldwide class divide between these two groups.   This causes countries outside of America to charge astronomical prices for these pointless products

Perceived Innovation = Pointless Excess

Apple Macintosh products are perceived to be innovative when in fact they are nothing but phallic objects for dysfunctional, mindless corporate drones which populate Americas upper and middle class areas.

These Americans are so inept at leading a successful life, they turn to these phallic objects which serve ABSOLUTELY no real purpose to help them bury thoughts of suicide and homosexual urges.  They go to Starbucks and drink a coffee

Recent Studies have Proven 95% of Mac Users are Homosexual

America has a huge homosexual problem and there is no coincidence that there is a direct correlation with the rise of Apple Macintosh product ownership and a rise of the homosexual problem in America.  This creates a problem for the entire world as people see these Americans

Typical Apple Product Launch in the USA
Typical Apple Product Launch in the US