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Rap Music

Dressed by his Mother Scumbag Rapper

Scumbag Rapper

Obviously Dressed by his Mother

Only in America…

Would a RAPE belt buckle wearing, piece of human excrement who is dressed by his own mother be worshipped by millions.

Following false idols is what Americans do best.  It started with the made up bearded guy who is nailed to the cross and now every suburban city in America has millions of rich, upper class white kids worshiping rappers and listening to rap music.

These white suburban kids drive their parents BMWs and play the loud utterance of noise known as rap music while they make believe they are a thug from the mean streets of urban America.

Rap is Crap

The term music can be loosely used when you talk about the syntehsized garbage and yelling from men dressed as children with the intelligence of infants.

Rap music is not music but a form of poetry created in the prison system to make it easier to get raped by the cellmate Bubba.

America is the birthplace of rap music, a reason in itself to make it one of the 58 reasons to hate America but the rappers who perform this garbage make it even worse.

If you took every single chart-topping rap artist you would have the equivelant of a 10,000 pound steaming pile of animal dung.  These rappers or hip-hop artists make money off the low intelligent Americans and spread the American plague all over the world.

Rappers are often in-the-closet homosexuals who are dressed by their parents and they act tough, showing off their street cred.  The fecal matter of America could be considered rappers.  Rap music and rappers are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Where Rap Started and where Rappers Belong

Where Rap Started and where Rappers Belong



Dangerous Homosexual American Female

Dangerous Homosexual American Female

Homosexuals exist in large quantities in the entire world.  Some countries have openly gay homosexuals.  Some countries have in-the-closet homosexuals and some countries just execute homosexuals.

America tends to have a larger percentage of in-the-closet homosexuals which can also be referred to as Christians.

Homosexual people tend to be less violent and more productive than heterosexual people.  While heterosexual people are interested in violence, hurting other people physically and mentally, and sex homosexuals are more interested in non-violence, helping people, and sex.

Even though homosexuals appear to be harmless they are a terrifying disaster which has covered the entire planet earth.  Obviously a genetic mutation which occurred at some point in time, homosexualism is destroying the earth in a beautiful, feux-hawked, Versace way.

There is a reason some refer to homosexuals as flamers.  They are like a beautiful flame or forest fire, devouring the earth’s population one interior decorator at a time.

Being a homosexual is no more than a mental disorder or disease.  If it was contagious and spread, it could wipe out the entire earth’s population in around 100 years.

America is plagued by a large percentage of homosexuals especially in-the-closet homosexuals or Christians.  These American homosexuals commit crimes such as child molestation as well as spread diseases such as herpes, syphilis and AIDS among the US population.

When the HIV virus becomes airborne, the homosexuals could be directly responsible for the largest pandemic the world has ever seen.

Homosexuality is a bad enough disease enough.  If an animal species converted to homosexuals, Americans would surely be concerned and intervene with the inevitable demise of the species.

But this is Americans we are talking about.  Inconsiderate white people, clueless Asian people, violent black people and gangster in public, homosexual at home after one beer Mexicans do not care about the survival of our species only themselves and their homosexual lovers.

Christopher and Nathaniel Sitting in a Tree, K I S S I N G

While a black person would shoot you from a block away in a car with an AK-47 and a Mexican would stab you in the heart with a rusty ice pick all whilst half the white people suck the country’s money away for their own selfish cause, and the other half drink beer in their double wide trailer, homosexuals go about their business mostly unnoticed.

Some people who aren’t afraid to open their eyes sure notice.  They notice everything which most people would not talk about.  They can look into the future and see the demise of this country.

Instead of blogging about it, running for office, standing on the street with a sign, or just complaining about if for the rest of their miserable lives some will take action and leave this hell hole of a country.

In due time, all smart, open minded, physically and mentally strong people will leave, but for now homosexuals are just one of 58 reasons to hate America.