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People who use Profanity

What Should happen for Use of Profanity

What Should happen for Use of Profanity

Americans all Speak 1 Language:  Functional Illiteracy

There is a saying that goes around which goes like this:  Most bright people speak 2 languages.  Very intelligent people speak 3 or more languages.  What are people called who only speak 1 language?


This is only partly true.  Americans speak a crude form of English which is only understood by other Americans.  The language which most accurately could be called American makes the country as a whole look completely idiotic.

The problem with American is people create their own words and combination of words.  While this may sound like a productive way to advance a language it is NOT, in America.

In America people string together words with profanities.  Profanities which include a slew of four letter words and various combination of words actually have no defined meaning.

These words are used by unintelligent and uneducated people to express feeling which they are not smart enough to express without profanity.  Profanity causes the idiotic to look completely moronic and vice versa.

Profanity is often used to be loud and make an insignificant point.  This happens often when people want to voice their loud, yet insignificant opinion.

Case in point this blog called CENSOREDinappropriate.com This blogger obviously has nothing to say, or observations to discuss so he uses profanity.

It looks like it may be a collaborative effort between in-the-closet homosexual lovers Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh but then again it could be this individual.

This blog is not about opinion.  This blog is about observation.  There are no prejudiced opinions on this blog only years of observations and there is not 1 word of profanity.


George W. Bush

George W. Bush is a Cool Guy

The cool guy in which white trash would love to hang out drinking beers while fishing. A cool guy that rednecks would love to go mischievously cow tipping with after a drunk Saturday night at the bars.

George W. Bush is a Cool Guy

The kind of cool guy who would be cracking jokes at the family reunion. Everybody loves when every family’s “crazy uncle” starts arm wrestling uncle Bob during a drunk Christmas eve dinner. George Bush has a fun sense of humor which is always appreciated, even during times of duress.

George W. Bush is a Cool Guy

The kind of cool guy who every red blooded American white trash boy or teenager would love to watch football on a Sunday with or head to a ballgame cursing and yelling at the opposing team’s players.

George W. Bush is a Horrific President

The cool guy is not who should be running a country. George Bush is a puppet who has no real education and has had everything handed to him. Whoever runs the country it is obviously not George W. Bush.

You cannot blame Bush for sending the country and his toy soldiers to a pointless war. Who is to blame is anybody’s guess. Many blame Dick Cheney, Bush Sr. or even the leader of Israel but the real answer is the American people.

Anybody who Bashes George Bush is a Complete Imbecile

Bush is a cool guy. He may have the intelligence of a 17 year old high school junior but he is a cool guy. A cool guy like Bush could only be president because of one reason.

Anybody who bashes Bush should immediately bash their own head in with the idiot stick because they are the complete idiot.

Any country who could elect such a poor leader are the obvious problem. Bush is not the issue and has never been the issue.

The American People are a Complete Failure

You, yes YOU. The moron reading this blog should definitely bash your face into your keyboard a few times then you might wake up and smell the coffee which will tell you that your life and your beliefs are all a complete joke.

By bashing Bush you bash yourself because you are no doubt a complete mindless turd. Thanks for reading, you will hopefully realize one day that you are an idiot and go back to school, but for now you finally should understand that George W. Bush is one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Who the Puppet Master is, is anyone's Guess

Who really is the Puppet Master?