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Myspace & Facebook

Saigon Street Whore Hard at Work

Saigon Street Whore Hard at Work

Which American Creation Spawned this Skank ?

If you’re not a moron like most of you idiots reading this post, you will know that it was myspace which spawned the reality show superstar.

Tila Tequila who thanks to myspace is out in LA or something rather than working some corner or being a bar girl in Saigon.

Myspace has created the fake friend revolution which has dominated the internet as of late is one of many reasons to hate America.

Before Myspace other websites such as classmates tried to innocently spam you into getting to know or spy on the losers you hated in high school.

Where classmates failed, myspace tricked you into thinking you were creating a webpage for yourself when you were really creating a webpage for the idiots you hated in high school.

What happened is people became addicted to their online representation to where their real life is secondary to their “pimped out profile.”

Any sensible person would think that only young kids would fall to this debauchery but it took the world by storm.  It all started with myspace which allowed for people to have the freedom to make themselves look cool when in fact they were total losers.

After internet scumbags desecrated myspace with Adult Friend Finder type spam, people jumped to the more secure Facebook which is like a douchebag breeding ground.  Facebook allows users to create their own world free from the outside world which is obviously cruel to them.  It allows users to block and sensor everything like their own personal fascist dictatorship.

Whether myspace,  facebook and all the other copycat sites are here to stay is one thing, but there is one thing for certain, myspace and facebook are one of 58 reasons to hate America.



Master Hater

Chronic Mastehater

America is a Cesspool Full of Haters


“A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn’t really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock someone down a notch.”

All Americans are haters.  They cannot deal with the success of others so hating is the only way they can feel good about themselves.

The History of Hating

This starts early on in elementary school when kids see the things that rich people buy their spoiled kids the toys that the average people either can’t afford or care too much about their kids to spoil them.
The non-rich kids are forced to hate on the rich kids simply because they have no other choice due to the circumstances.
Perhaps the most influential period in a haters life is high school.  The rich kids now have cars their parents bought for them and don’t have to work.  The hater sees this and their journey to the dark side of being a hater is almost complete.
They work their full time job at McDonalds to save up some money to move away from home while the rich kids parent’s fund their kids college educations.
Once the hater makes manager and is allowed to boss around younger haters at McDonalds they finally become a true hater.  The first small glimpse of power gives the hater the ultimate attitude to make a successful hater.
They know what they want and everything they can’t have or can’t influence and it begins.  Someone has a better car then them, hating is the only solution.  Someone’s girl/boyfriend is better looking than theirs, hating is the only way they can deal with it.
This goes from the previous example all the way to the path to the white house.  When someone has worked harder, is luckier, or is just plain better than you, hating is the only option.
Hate makes the world go round and as soon as you embrace it you won’t be such a sheltered, close-minded loser.  Until you finally realize how America is run you will think haters are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Selfish People and Flakes

Stood Up by a Selfish American Flake

Stood Up by a Selfish American Flake

Have you Offered an American Something Free?

If you did, what is the response?  If you offered something to drink, “did you spit in it?”

If you offered them a wrist watch, “what is wrong with it?”

If you stopped them to ask for directions on the street you would probably get an unfriendly response.

The reason why these responses happened was not because the people are no friendly or because you look like a criminal (although you most likely are) the problem is all Americans are selfish.

These people responded in the way they did because everybody in America cares about only one thing, themselves.

There have been numerous examples of American selfishness so far in this blog from rich white people and Asians hoarding their money to poor black and Mexican people hoarding their murder weapons.

Some of the most selfish Americans out there are the flaky people such as yourself or the people you know.

Flaky Americans are the most Selfish People

These people either have a serious personality flaw, are cowards or completely disregard the lives and feelings of others.  We all have undependable people in our lives.

These people are the worst kind of friend or co-workers to have because they completely ruin your plans and days for what is most likely an insignificant reason of their own which they put ahead of the commitment.

You’re sure to have many stories about your American friends flaking on you so you know that selfish people are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

People who Lack Common Sense

This Topic is Obviously Over the Head of 99.58% of the Viewers of this Blog but…

One of the biggest reasons to hate America is the people who have no common sense which unfortunately make up the majority of the people in America.

These people range from normal hard working people, to retards to even geniuses.  Believe it or not, most of these people are not stupid.

The American way has made all people in America mindless retards perusing the American dream.

These people may be a highly educated professional but they lack the common sense to realize that the American dream is a made-up way to slave your life away for the extremely wealthy 3% of the American population.

The American dream forces people to specialize in a certain subject.  Some people tend to focus on their occupation while others may focus on video games or drugs.

The fact is, this specialization causes people to spend a majority of their lifetime focusing on a single aspect of the experience which they could have during their time on this earth.

Common sense would tell any idiot not to smoke a cigarette and yet why does your doctor smoke a cigarette?  Your doctor is not only a hypocrite but is one of the 58 reasons to hate America, people who lack common sense.

The very small minority of people reading this blog have the common sense to understand everything that is written.  For those that don’t it is important to point out that most people in America lead their lives more like animals or retards than sophisticated human beings.

If you are one of the 99.58% of Americans who lacks common sense you don’t realize that speeding down the street in your car will only get you to a red light faster.  You don’t know that voting for John McCain for president is going to raise your taxes, not lower them.  You don’t know a lot of things…

The worst part about Americans who lack common sense is how they act and the decisions they make.  If Darwin was alive today his theory of natural selection would be proven and become a law based on the behavior of American people.

There are so many examples of people who lack common sense in America it is not worth the cyberspace.  You can be assured that people who lack common sense is one of 58 reasons to hate America.


All Americans are a Hypocrites

You can test yourself with the Hypocrite test (below)

If you participated in the poll choosing any answer you are a hypocrite.

If you chose yes, at least you are honest with yourself and not a mindless drone of American values.

Starting with the most powerful leaders in America every single American is a Hypocrite.  Quite possibly the most prolific hypocrites in the United States are the morons who comment on this blog.

Reasons to hate America speaks the truth about what is going on and has been going on in America for the last 30 years.  If you are too brainwashed to believe it you are obviously a moron.

You say you have no problems with people who are not like you in America or the systems in place in America but you insult them amongst your friends.  You walk across the street when you see people of other races in front of you on the sidewalk.

You bash homosexuals yet your inner desire and your relative’s and/or priest’s touches of yesteryear give you erotic homosexual urges.

The list goes on and on and is not worth fully mentioning.  The mentioning will be left up to the millions of people around the world reading this educational blog.

John McCain

John McCain Fire Marshal Bill Burns

John McCain has been an Absolute Disaster his Entire Life

Any mindless idiot who supports McCain and Palin running for presidency should be required to re-enter elementary school.

The chances for McCain being in the middle of a giant disaster is very high.

It seems wherever this Fire Marshal Bill wanabee is disaster follows.

Take the time McCain was almost killed on July 29, 1967, when he was near the center of the Forrestal fire. He escaped from his burning jet and was trying to help another pilot escape when a bomb exploded.

Countless soldiers died during this fire and this was before he was shot down and became a famous POW.  After his amazing ordeal as a POW and coming you would think there would be no more disasters.

After Return, his 1st Wife Suffered a Crippling Car Accident

Would a true leader and presidential candidate do to support his crippled wife?  Divroce.

McCain who obviously needs to take an anger management course while he takes daily visits to the phychologist to stop his Vietnam flashbacks which wake him up in the middle of every night.

McCain is a feeble 72 year old whose ticker could stop ticking at any minute and the only backup is a retard bearing, white trash, failure of a mother who has been governing all 20 igloos and drunk eskimos in Alaska for the past 6 months.

McCain is a miserable agent of imperialism, puppet of Israel and a person who could are less about the average American, than a sperm droplet in his pubic hair.  This republican conservative is just licking his chops at a chance of making billions of dollars for himself and his supporters while letting others suffer.

This man with 12 houses does not understand the problems of the 95% of people with only 1.  How can a flamboyantly rich old man run a country full of 99% of people which he has nothing in common with?  There is only one way.

John McCain is sure to cause the next disaster for the United States but now you can consider John McCain one of 58 Reasons to Hate America.

If this creepy republican doesn't creep you out, you've got problems.

This Creepy Republican deserves all Mindless Idiots' Votes